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re: Guide: Troves of the Thunder King [solo instance]

Hello Loot Lovers!

After a terrible run in the solo instance I decided to do some research on the topic to improve in the future.
So instead of gathering the data to myself I'll be writing it as a guide for everyone in Combustion to hopefully benefit from! Happy
Feel free to add any input, suggestions or own instance results/videos to the guide

TLDR: Go to point 3 for the Looting Run and 4 for Maps

Table of content

1 Getting the Key to the Palace
1.1 Troves of the Thunder King
1.2 Rare Mobs
1.3 Final Daily Quest

2 Citadel of the Thunder King
2.1 Overview
2.2 The three sections
2.2.1 Preparation Room
2.2.2 Timed Looting
2.2.3 Treasure Trove Room

3 Timed Looting
3.1 The Loot!
3.2 Threats and Treats
3.2.1 Fundamentals to avoid losing time
3.2.2 Useful items and buffs
3.3 Rooms
3.3.1 First Room
3.3.2 Second Room
3.3.3 Third Room
3.3.3 Final Room

4 Maps
5 Looting results of videos
6 Item rewards and achievements
7 Uncertainties

1 Getting the Key to the Palace
In order to cue for the instance you need a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen which can be obtained in three ways.
Outside the instance you can somewhat reliably farm 2 Keys/week, however, luck with Chests in the instance can give you a lot more keys/week!
Assumption is that first Key is easy to get but that the odds for consecutive Keys are much lower, thus it would be smartest to get the initial Key from a Trove!

1.1 Troves of the Thunder King
Finding a Treasure Trove is the most straight forward way to get a Key, these large yellow chests are located all over the daily quest area.
Once you loot a chest your character will be unable to see them until next week, however,
a short period (60 sec) after looting the first chest you can still find more. So try to scout some more spawn points during this period (see map)!
Since you can open Troves of the Thunder King inside the solo instance there is actually a chance to get new Keys on every run!

Live observations:
You can scout 2 chests and then loot both, but I did only get 1 key! Droprate on 2nd might be the same as for the Instance Troves?!
Looted a Trove before receiving a Key from mobs, Trove contained no Key!

1.2 Rare Mobs
The rare mobs that spawn and the mobs you summon with Shan'ze Ritual Stone have a high chance of dropping a Key,
however, from mobs you can never get more than 1 Key per week!

1.3 Final Daily Quest
The last and least likely way to get a Key is the Sunreaver Bounty received from completing all daily quests.
Since the drop rate is only 4% the compounded chance of receiving a Key is only 25%, even if doing 7 dailies a week.

You can check your weekly status on these flags plus the Incarnations by using this macro.
/run for k, v in pairs({ Incantation = 32611, Trove = 32609, LeiShenKey = 32626, RareMobLooted = 32610, Chamberlain = 32505}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "\124cff00ff00Done\124r" or "\124cffff0000Not Done\124r")) end

2 Citadel of the Thunder King Overview
The Timed Looting actually takes place in an early part of raid instance, more specifically it starts after the 1st boss and ends at the 2nd boss (see maps)!
The whole scenario is split into three sections with the Timed Looting in the middle. Hopefully we can practice jumping around in the raid instance...

2.1 Preparation Room
You enter a room with friendly NPCs, note that you have lost any buffs you might be carrying! (lost both Demonic Sacrifice and SS without noticing)
You can repair, buy the special items which can help you (cost Charms) and talk to a panda to open the doors to start the Timed Looting!

Apply Buffs, Clear Bags, Spend Charms and Turn on Auto Loot!!!!
Dismiss both normal and vanity pets, since they will trigger traps...

2.2 Timed Looting
The doors open and a 5 min "debuff" is placed on you, when the timer expires or if you talk to a NPC in Room 4 the run ends.
If you die during the run you will be ressed in the Preparation Room, so if you are in serious trouble it can be smart to die fast and get back to looting.

2.3 Treasure Trove Room
Once the Timed Looting ends you are teleported to a room filled with Treasure Troves, which can be opened with Burial Trove Keys.
These Trove Keys are gathered in 3 ways: from chests, from completing the instance quest and you get 1 for talking to the NPC at the end.
In short the Treasure Troves are probably the most valuable chests in the instance since they can contain both new instance Keys but also epics!
So unless you value gold I would recommended using whatever tactics during the run to maximize your number of Burial Trove Keys!

Forum Image

3 Timed Looting
Unlike all other sections where you have oceans of time to plan and farm, here every second counts so make the most out of them!
Even with perfect execution it is impossible to loot all chests, so you will have to make some tough choices.
Preferable you have thought through your priorities and know the answer to them before the timer starts!

3.1 The Loot!
Let's start with the goal of the instance, to grab as much nice loot as possible!
Chests come in two flavors: the red Mogu Chests which are everywhere containing gold with 50% chance of extra items,
and the darker Golden Chests which often are hard to get but always contain at least 2 extra items (see map). Extra items can be any mix of:

Mote of Harmony
Tattered Historical Parchments
Elder Charm of Good Fortune
Shan'ze Ritual Stone
Burial Trove Key

Wowheads % of content seem to be inaccurate for the chests, but I would estimate 1 Golden Chest to be equal to 5 Mogu Chests!
The main difference is really that a Golden Chest is more predictable in it's value, while 5 Mogu Chests may contain either 5 items or nothing.
Look at the maps in section 4, watch Youtube videos and try to figure out which Golden Chests you think are worth taking.
Be aware that a few of the spawn locations of Golden chests are randomized, so every run is not equal and you may have to improvise a bit if you want them!

Note that you easily can jump onto the Chests, making them ideal stepping stones to get up on ledges or pass other terrain. Jump up and loot from above!

3.2 Threats and Treats
There are several mobs, traps, terrain and other mechanics in the instance that
hinder you from simply moving from chest A to chest B, and only one buff!
In order of appearance:
Green Circles on Floor - 5 Second Speed Boost, Green = Good
Levers/Doors - Every room is separated by a corridor with two pair of doors, to open the door either a lever must be pulled or you can use 2xPolymorphic Key!
There are levers inside the corridors as well, should you ever need to open them from within!
Spider critters - 16k hp aggressive critters found in room 1 and close to the levers, they root, try to snipe them, can not be Tab selected!
Tesla-coils - Switch between on an off every 8 seconds [t=0 on, 8 off, 16 on, 24 off,...] and electrocute an area (2 closest plates in R1) walking through it gives an 8 second slow.
Never worth walking through unless you can remove the slow, plan your route so that you will pass when they are off!
Mogu Hammer Statue - The statue traps that stun in a cone in front of them, walk close to the statue to dodge it, if a chest is in the zone then trigger and loot while it rearms.
Should only cause problems if you get CCed while moving through zone, so avoid them when you have aggro!

Red Circle on Ground - Stuns for 5 seconds, Red = Bad!
Pressure plate traps - Standard traps, jump over them if possible, preferably diagonally where 4 plates meet.
In all corridors between rooms it is possible to run along the sides and avoid them almost completely. Levitation potions can be used to avoid them
Patroling Saurokar - The first mob in the instance, more annoying than dangerous,
due to a Death Grip ability which can make you pull most of the 2nd room, 700k hp.
Preferably avoid, then CC and kill as a last resort, since they give no rewards. If they get you in combat avoid the Stone Guardians!
Stone Guardians - Special Quillien that only attack you if you are in combat and close to them,
if you are fighting one of these then you have done something very wrong.
Green-Detector-Zones - A totem that traces a beam-line from the center towards you if you step inside the circle,
if it hits you it triggers combat and the resident Quillen will attack you. Can see stealth!
If you have to walk through a green circle then make sure to leave it asap since getting hit by the beam will cost you a lot of time!

Stunlock-Saurukar-Theif - The Treasure Goblin of the instance, one of the Golden Treasure Chests in Room 2 contains a mob which stunlocks you for 3 seconds.
The Theif will not fight but run towards Room 3 and open the door (unless you have it open which makes him close it permanently, yes I am bitter), kill him for an achievement!
Mogo Effigy - Big Mogu that do ground-stuns and patrols close to both the lever and exit of room 3, 1.2M hp.
You actually don't have to fight them at all if you wait for them to pass or run outside the walkway.
Final Boss - 2.4M hp, carries a Golden Chest on his back and protects a couple more.
He stands surrounded by two Quillen, but can be ranged pulled individually since you need to be in aggro range of the dogs to actually make them attack.
Fight him to the left behind the "Mogue Hammer Statues" and avoid the Red circles. Loot him for a Burial Trove Key!

Forum Image

3.2.1 Fundamentals to avoid wasting time
Time fighting is time wasted, only fight single mobs if it's the safest you can do, it will seldom be faster.
Jump on Chests, the Chests are often required as stepping stones to reach many places, jump up then loot from above!
Hug the walls, if you have a wall next to you then only need to worry about half as many directions, plus the fact that the sides are full of hidden treasure!
Stay High! Never jump down from a Ledge if you can loot from above,
Stick to your plan and don't get greedy! It's very easy to enter Room 2 and go straight for the Golden Chest in the middle of the room only to pull everything.
Utilize all your items, class and profession abilities! Stealth is superb, Warlocks can Teleport, Mages blink, engineers glide, everyone can equip a pvp trinket etc.

3.2.2 Useful items and buffs
There are a number of Instance Specific buffs that I will write more about later,
they are most likely not that valuable until you really know what you are doing inside the instance since they cost 1 Charm per use.
So unless the usage gives you at least an extra Golden Chest (assuming you need Charms) I would take it easy with using them until you learn the instance.
All the items below share a 10 sec CD!

Potion of Light Steps (Friendly) Avoid traps and open chests out of reach, works just like Priests Levitate! 1 per run max
A Common Rock (Honored) Bargin price of 2 rocks for 1 Charm! Trigger that trap and loot the Golden Chest.
Sleep Dust (Honored) Long duration CC that won't break on dmg, use on max range to avoid coming into combat!

Arcane Propellant (Revered) 2 for 1 Charm, works like Goblin Rocket Boots, use to take boxes on right side in R1-R2 corridor!
Frost Rune Trap (Revered) Hunter CC trap that doesn't put you inte combat (assumption).
Polymorphic Key (Exalted) costs 3 charms and you will need 2 since both sides of a corridor need to be opened (except to room 4)!

New Video: Video of my Warlock grabbing 16 Golden Chests along the Red Route, using all items and tricks possible to maximize looting!

Forum Image

3.3 Rooms
All rooms have their own style and dare I say temptations. Assuming that you want to reach the end the pitfalls are as follows:
Room 1 Gotta Catch them All, loads of Mogu Chests, you could spend 3 min only running between them, don't get tempted and keep moving towards the lever!
Room 2 Greed for Golden Chests will kill you, there are plenty of "I bet I could take that one" situations here. Just keep to the right and focus on the Levers!
Room 3 Delay by Indecision, the biggest risk is trying to avoid fighting and then end up killing the Mogu anyway.
Room 4 Premature Relief, keep your cool and estimate if you have +2min needed to both kill boss and loot chests!

Since there is no reward for "almost reaching the end boss" I will write down two alternatives for every room,
first how to reach the next room/boss asap and secondly how to loot the room effectively when it's obvious you won't make it to the end.
The Red Route in the image above requires Polymorphic Key, while everyone with Arcane Propellant can take the Green Route (if not skip the Chests in corridors)!
Also note that this rout is class independent so with the right abilities/items you to can reach more chests and make it to the boss faster!

Video: Watch this Warning example of running past Room 1 and getting caught in Room 2

Video: compare to my hunter running to the final boss without fighting anyone, with Special Tactics in Room 2!

3.3.1 First Room
The quickest way to reach the exit is to run through the middle, this requires some timing and killing of spiders but is without a doubt fastest, use speed boosting.
The safest way to reach the exit fast is to jump up next to the wall on the left side, there are some small grey boxes next to a chest for getting onto the ledge.
This rout also passes 2-3 Golden Chests, but may eat up any margins you have for reaching the boss!
Note that Tauren males are too fat to fit between the wall and a stone in the green room... will ask Blue if this is working as intended

Too loot this room start with the Green rout mentioned above, where you run on top of the left ledge, when you reach the chest (often golden) before the pile of junk which almost blocks your path,
do not loot directly, instead climb the chest to get onto the stone, climb the pile of junk to loot the chest on top, then jump over to the Mogue Statue platform to the southest with 3 chests.
jump back and run around the pile of junk, keep following the edge, jump up on the stair of boxes to reach 3 more chests, then jump down.
Now you pass over to the other side (you are close to the Room 2 door) and do something similar on the way north towards the entrance.
Once the sides are cleared you shouldn't have too much time left, but it you do go through the middle and take the chest next to the Hammer Statues in the middle.
If you have time left open the door and jump up on the left side thanks to the boxes to loot 4 chests in the corridor, levitation potions helps you get the gold chest!

New Video: Youtube video of my Hunter running along the left ledge, using Arcane Propellant and exits Room 1 after 85 seconds.

Video: Perfect looting of Room 1 and Corridor 1-2 which actually shows how to reach most Golden Chest!

Corridor 1-2
Fastest - Jump to the Left and hug side to avoid traps, jump diagonally at end, Or use sleeping dust to CC mob patroling the right to loot chest and keep hugging right.

Loot Room - Jump up on the boxes directly to the left, 1 chest is directly to your left (out of sight) and in the middle of the platform.
You need to use the Flask or Levitate to reach the Golden Chest, to get over to opposite side you need Arcane Propellant, Engineering Parachute, Dissengage or a speed boost.
Since Potion and Arcane Propellant share a 10 sec CD it is best to use the Potion right away when you come up the ledge, but avoid the spider since it breaks on damage!
If jumping from left ledge you have best odds making it from the coffin lid to the boxes close to corridor exit (north)! With skillz you can actually jump up from the floor when entering, see video above!

3.3.2 Second Room
Always stop at the enterance spend 5 seconds looking at where the mobs are in their patrol, it will feel like forever but it's worth avoiding +30 seconds of killing mobs or dying.

Hug left side, there are is a lever both on the right and left side on the room. Most videos go for left lever, but the right lever is actually unguarded and leads to treasures!
Regardless of which side you pull the lever on you can reach the exit very fast by jumping up on a Mogu Chest and jumping over the stair railing! (See my hunter video).
The left side is very risky, similar amounts of loot on the right side with only 1 mob guarding it, which can be reached by directly jumping to the right over the stair railing!

Corridor 2-3
Jump up to the left for a few Mogu Chests, jump up the tower of boxes and jump/glide/propel yourself to the 2 Golden Chests on the right!

3.3.3 Third Room
The Lever is to the Left and the Door is to the Right, there are several ways to reach both points, the paved path probably being the worst of them.
Upon entering the room you can jump over the railing to the left and either walk in the shallow water towards the switch or jump over the railings to the water between the doors.
Or skip the left-jump and simply go towards the water in the middle directly by running left at the Tesla-Coil and jumping the two rails to reach the Lever!
Depending on class specific abilities different routes are adviceable, eg while waiting for patrol to leave the Lever Warlocks can place a portal and a gateway in the water between doors.
Then once they pull the Lever they can move to the other side of the room in an instant with Teleport+Gateway, recovering lots of time!

Loot the room:
The mogu statue platforms to the left and right contain golden chests, either jump up manuslly or use Arcane propellant from the stair railing.
There are often gold chests at the base of the outmost Tesla-coils, also under the Mogu Hammer trap to the left!

No Corridor, only 1 door, if you have Polymorphic Key take outer waterway to the right directly when entering Room 3 for the Golden Chests behind statues and loot small chests until path to Room 4 is clear!

3.3.3 Final Room
Don't enter if you are in combat... Guard dogs will swarm you.
There is a spider to the left, stay away or you will get into combat. Two patrols walk the walls to the right and straight forward (far away).
Other than that run forward, avoid patrol to the left and ranged pull boss if you want the kill.
Pet classes that simply want loot can let their pets tank while looting the 2 Golden Chests.
Warlocks can use Portal to jump down into the water (towards Room 3) and grab the 2xGolden and 7xMogue Chests before teleporting back up.
The Golden Chest far northeast can be opened without triggering the green circle, if you make sure to hide from the beam in the corner furthest in!
Speak to the NPC in North East if possible, gives achievement and a guaranteed extra Burial Key!

4 Maps
Forum Image

Forum Image

Golden Treasure Chests
Forum Image

Mogu Treasure Chests
Forum Image

Troves of the Thunder King
Forum Image

5 Youtube looting results
The least unfair way if comparing loot run results seems to be the amount of Gold and Items aquired when time expires.
Note that 4 Motes of Harmony, 1 Burial key or 3 Parchments found in a Chest are all considere "1 item", where Mogu Chests give 0-2, Golden 2-4 and Boss 4.
We count talking to NPC in room 4 worth 2 items + 50g, since it gives a Treasure Trove!

Fighting Mage - 76G and 11 items (Room 1-2)
My Hunter - 140G and 21 items (Bosskill)
Hunter - 210 and 23 items (Room 1-2)
Flawless Mage - 280G and 25 items (Room 1)
My Hunter - 248G and 31 items + Burial Key (Reach NPC)
My Warlock - 266G and 42 Items + Burial Key (Reach NPC)

Note how much more items compared to gold you get for leaving room 1!
A good run gives about 30 items, that's one item every 10 seconds, and since we know the average content of chests we can make these simple rules:
Mogu Chests (0.5 items) are not worth taking if they "delay you" more than 5 seconds each,
Golden Chests (2.5 items) are worth it if they take less than 25 seconds to get!
Boss (14 items) is worth killing if fighting and looting (9 chests) takes less than 140 seconds
NPC is equivallent to "20 seconds" of looting

6 Item rewards and achievements

7 Uncertainties
Can traps like mogu hammers help kill and CC the mobs in this instance?
Some Golden Chests are random and others permanent, so which spawn points are permanent (aka reliable)?
Does sleeping powder put you into combat?
Can you really get 2 Keys per week? Troves first then from mobs?

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re: Guide: Troves of the Thunder King [solo instance]

Having had a go at this last night this is a really useful guide. Can't say I did well either first time but watching a few vids, jumping in first week and then reading this post I am now looking forward to having another go

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re: Guide: Troves of the Thunder King [solo instance]

Styggs - this is a really useful post. I'm going to head in myself when I've got enough courage. Happy Thanks! ^-^

EDIT: /growl Well, I did terribadly. I ended up with one key to open a box at the end, and one poxy elder charm and 3 bits of parchment. I got into 2nd room but in usual Tree style I somehow arse-pulled stuff and my puny DPS meant I spent most of my time in there pewing stuff. I also forgot to equip my PvP trinket. I nominate my run for possibly the most unsucessful.

Still, the guild is great Stygglet.
Raging Fire

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re: Guide: Troves of the Thunder King [solo instance]

Think most of the basics are here now!

Will refine the guide over time and fill out the proper usage of Items, especially on how to reach chests in Room 3 and complete the 10 Golden Chests Achievement!
Raging Fire

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re: Guide: Troves of the Thunder King [solo instance]

The two pretty successful runs with Hunter (31 items) and Warlock (42 items), 3rd week:

New Video: Youtube video of my Hunter running along the left ledge, using Arcane Propellant and exits Room 1 after 85 seconds.

New Video: Video of my Warlock grabbing 16 Golden Chests, all items and tricks possible to maximize looting!
Raging Fire

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re: Guide: Troves of the Thunder King [solo instance]

Added the new macro which will check your status for all different ways of getting a key!

/run for k, v in pairs({ Incantation = 32611, Trove = 32609, LeiShenKey = 32626, RareMobLooted = 32610, Chamberlain = 32505}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "\124cff00ff00Done\124r" or "\124cffff0000Not Done\124r")) end
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